Eleven people whose Instagram profiles and Google traces will be interpreted by the artworks at the exhibition.

Flora Bousquet
Founder of @a_rtenir works @vestia.promotions, Montpellier
May 18-24th, August 5th

Sophie Fontanel

Romancière. Critique de mode et instagrameuse pour L’Obs (@l_observatrice), Paris
June 22-28th, August 13th

Will Fredo

Artiste et écrivain, Berlin
June 1-7th, August 7th

Margot Saint-Réal
Homme sans histoires recherche éditeur pour devenir écrivain, Montpellier
May 25-31st, August 6th

Aina Coca
Deux fois mère. Mallorca lifestyle. Déco. Voyages. Huiles essentielles, Mallorca
June 8-14th, August 8th

Raquel Herrera
Comunicadora :: Communicator
June 15-21st, August 12th

Claire Valageas
@ ___claiiiiire___
June 29th – July 5th, August 14th

Azahara Juaneda
July 6-12th, August 19th

Flore Baudry
Pink Flamingo Lifestyle. From Reunion Island. Lovelife
photographer. Happiness creator. Rugby Lover. Proud Mum of 1 + 1 + 2
July 13-19th, August 20th

Franck Ancel
Psychanalyse, scénographie, édition.
July 20-26th, August 21st

Alexandra Ehrlich-Speiser
Random stuff that surrounds me // Creative Director on the run // Artist // Curator // Vienna, Austria.
July 27th – August 2nd, August 22nd